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Guided Visit to ITMA Fair


Guided Visit to ITMA Fair

Date:16th – 18th November 2015

Place: Milan

Organizer: Unione Industriale Pratese

ITMA 2015 took place in Milan last November 2015 and was confirmed to be the global marketplace and one-stop sourcing platform for emerging trends and innovation solutions; acquiring new knowledge and best practices; establishing strategic relationships with industry leaders.

In the frame of our CBC initiative “Training for technological upgrading”, Unione Industriale Pratese, with the support of specialized experts from Next Technology Tecnotessile and AITEX, organized a guided visit to the fair from 16th to 18th November. 

The 3-days guided visit was addressed to approx. 60 participants (T/C entrepreneurs and PP representatives from Spain, Greece, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan and Palestine) organized in 3 specific groups (“Apparel producers and designers”, “textile manufacturers” and “Laboratory/testing equipment”) and gathered a great interest from all participants.